float arms carbon

UW Camera systems have under water in the ideal case only a low negative buoyancy. Our float arms carbon give to a system with more negative buoyancy the necessary buoyancy, or reduce the negative buoyancy. With 50 mm diameter of the carbon pipe the float arm is still good to handle and can be inserted at every place of a ball joint arm set. There he can substitute a carbon arm with 30 mm of diameter.
Reikle Carbon Arms are made of particularly high-grade carbon material with 66% fibre in unidirectional structure. The Arms are made by Preprag Angle Process, to get highest pressure and flexural resistance at a 1 mm wall thickness. Surface polished and lacquered.
The applications in the tube ends are made out of sea-water resistant aluminium (AlMgSi1) and are anodized carefully.
On the arm basic body ball heads (KK) ø 24mm, with KK 1Zoll (ø 25 mm with O-ring), or thread applications M8 (E) can be mounted, of the same aluminium material. Float arms originate from it in five different implementation: KK, KK 1Zoll, EE, EK  and EK 1Zoll (see picture).
On an float arm with M8 thread application (E) a Reikle ball head (m) can be mounted afterwards in the different implementations.

If requested you can choose other lengths of the carbon pipe. 1 cm more pipe length proves an buoyancy enlargement of  + 0. 2 N ( +20 g).
Please request length and price about the contact form.
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